Guide To Planting Trees in Your Yard

Planting trees and shrubs to your lawn dramatically increases the overall appearance of your property. Furthermore, trees are great ways to decorate your landscape and greatly help in preserving nature. Taking time to plant trees in your yard properly ensures that they will grow healthy and strong.

Keep in mind that when you plant a wrong tree in the wrong place guarantees a future tree removal and could be dangerous if you do it yourself. Therefore, a lot of anxiety and trouble can be avoided by planting the right tree in your yard to begin with. Do not forget that trees both have good and bad characteristics. Understanding this is the key to plant a tree properly. The following are tips to consider when planting trees in your yard.

1. Consider planting trees in your yard during moderate weather. They need more sunshine and rain, thus plan to plant during the best time in your location. Usually, spring and fall is the best time to consider.

2. When digging the hole, keep in mind that the roots need access to water and oxygen so refrain from digging too deep. Consider a hole that is three-quarters as deep as the tree’s root ball and dig wider than the root ball by a few inches on all sides. This allows roots to spread out into the soil with access to water and air.

3. Prepare the roots of the tree properly. Regardless if the tree is wrapped in burlap at its roots or is being transplanted from a container; make sure to loosen the soil packed around the roots before you proceed. Let the roots breathe and separate from its compact wrapping.

4. The next step you have to do is to place the tree in the hole and set it loosely. Refrain from compacting the roots or causing damage to them.

5. After setting the tree in the hole, cover the roots by placing the soil loosely. Avoid pressing down or compacting on the soil since this could suffocate the roots and limit the access to nutrients and water. Some roots, such as the top quarter should be above the hole surface. Build up a mound above the roots to the tree base and make certain that the soil is loose.

6. Make sure to fertilize the surrounding soil, not just the root ball. Keep in mind that tree roots spread out and make a home in the surrounding soil, thus you should fertilize the ground a few feet from the tree to ascertain that the whole root system has access to nutrients from fertilizers.

As soon as your tree is planted, continue monitoring the weather, including rainfall in your area to make sure that your tree will get enough water to the roots. Consider watering the tree more during winter or summer. When you take care when you plant trees, you will be able to enjoy the majesty of your trees for years and years. Plant a tree now, add value, and enhance your yard.

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